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Writing Is Half the Babble

An illustrious new literary blog has just emerged: Book Club Babble. It’s run by six gals who know how to write and know good writing. That’s obvious, because they honored me by running an interview about my novel in their inaugural Babble. (See what happens to a person from daily exposure to Donald Trump? This guy needs his own blog: Braggadocio Babble, which he could make into his next book, The Heart of a Heel.) Check it out at


Seriously, folks, these lasses bring impressive professional bona fides and strong writing credentials to this venture. Authors themselves, they review others’ books and hold forth on topics of interest to readers and writers alike. I’m one of a bunch of authors featured in this exciting debut issue. Senior Writer/Editor Kate Newton interviewed me for my book MURDER IN PALM BEACH: The Homicide That Never Died, a roman a clef about a sensational 1976 murder in the posh town. Just click on the book cover shown on the blog home page for the interview.

I won’t babble on about it. Go to and find out everything you wanted to know. Well, not everything. You have to read the book, which you can get from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle, at Select Barnes & Noble stores also have it.

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