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Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

It would seem that the “Christian” evangelical leaders of this country are working hard to dissuade anyone of conscience from joining their fold. The reason Christian is in quotes is that these leaders’ actions are antithetical to everything which Christ stood for.

Prayer for the Pres

How in the name of God, whom they invoke to justify their immoral stances, can these people simultaneously ignore the evil emanating from President Donald Trump and his administration when it stares them in the face?

Let me count the ways

He expresses admiration for Vladimir Putin, who has been complicit with the brutal Syrian government in the use of poisonous gas against its opponents, and who has people in his own country murdered or imprisoned for opposing him.

He has cheated countless people out of money earned in services to him. Even a big law firm turned him down as a client recently for the stated reason that he doesn’t pay his bills.

He lies without cessation, even when it’s patently obvious to everyone that he’s doing so; he calls black white, and white black.

He viciously attacks anyone who causes him disfavor in any way, childishly ridiculing their appearances, and even mocking a handicapped journalist.

President Trump

He has advocated violence against people protesting against him. He is, in short, a bully.

He is bringing misery to immigrants who long have been hard-working, productive, model citizens, often breaking up loving families and leaving children without parents in abject contradiction of family values.

He and his Republican supporters in Congress are working relentlessly to pass a health-care bill that denies insurance to many millions of poor, disabled and elderly people to pay for huge tax cuts for the rich, especially the super-rich.

He has attacked our country’s allies and cozied up to our adversaries.

He and his family are making themselves even richer than they already are through their global business holdings, creating conflicts of interest that can harm the American people in direct violation of our Constitution’s emoluments clause.

The list goes on and on. President Trump has behaved in so many unChristian ways that it is difficult to keep track of them.

The stink of piousness

Rev. Johnnie Moore

Yet, evangelical leaders met earlier this month to pray with Trump in the Oval Office. While it’s true he could use some intervention by the Almighty, it’s safe to assume he’d resist mightily. While the holy folks likely did not pray for a reduction in hubris by our unDear Leader, a strong dose of humility is what he needs more than anything.

The Rev. Johnnie Moore, CEO of the Kairos Company, told Newsmax evangelicals “have a wide open door like never before into this administration.”

Do these charlatans who defend and approve of this man have no shame? Do they think that, in God’s eyes (to be anthropomorphic for simplicity’s sake), Trump’s politically motivated support for prayer in the schools and opposition to abortion supersede his awful treatment of others, especially women, and his moral corruptness? It’s hard to see how they could do anything more convincing to turn people away from Christianity.

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