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Vaccination Investigation

Robert Kennedy Jr.

Perhaps the only positive thing President Donald Trump has done in his short time in office is to create a committee to investigate “vaccine safety and scientific integrity.” Yes, it’s an odd, contradictory act from a man who has denied the findings of almost all of the world’s scientists, and abundant physical evidence, that global climate change is caused by man. Environmental lawyer Robert Kennedy Jr. heads the committee.

That was last month. Shortly afterward, a group of 275 doctors and scientists urged Trump, in a letter, to consider creating an “Independent Vaccine Safety Commission.”

Say what? Doctors and scientists questioning the safety of vaccines? How can that be? We all know they’re perfectly safe and effective. Mainstream medicine tells us so – and mainstream media dutifully report it. Big-name journalists –Thomas Friedman, Rachel Maddow, Michael Gerson, Mona Charen, Leonard Pitts Jr. – have all pointed to Trump’s questioning of vaccines’ safety as examples of his irresponsible, wild-eyed conspiracy theories and irrational behavior.

But it’s been a knee-jerk reaction. I am dismayed that the media, of which I was a career member, accept

The 2016 documentary VAXXED portrayed apparent fraud by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control

Ty Bollinger says in his newsletter, The Truth About Cancer, that the movie’s producer, Del Bigtree, reports there is a “growing movement of parents and professionals demanding answers and fair scientific studies.” Bigtree alludes to “a possible next step in the deepening investigation of the CDC.”

Ty Bollinger

Dr. David Brownstein, a leading practitioner of holistic medicine, noted in his Natural Way to Health newsletter that the Food and Drug Administration licenses vaccines. “Unfortunately,” the physician who lectures internationally wrote, “the FDA has shown time and time again that it is not up to the task of directing appropriate studies for drugs and vaccines.”

Dr. David Brownstein

Brownstein devoted his March newsletter to the topic, “Why Are American Children So Sick?” He lists statistics:

• One in three is overweight. • One in five is obese. • One in six has learning disabilities. • One in 11 has asthma. • One in 68, including one in 42 boys, has autism. • One in 10 has ADHD. • One in 20 has food allergies. • One in two has a chronic illness.

“American children are the most immunized children on the planet,” he writes. “Yet we have the sickest children in the history of the world.”

Contaminated Vaccines

He says further that in his practice in West Bloomfield, Mich., “I’ve seen too many parents relate the same story: ‘My child was fine until he/she received a vaccine. After the vaccine, he/she regressed emotionally, physically, and neurologically.’A common underlying thread to these stories is gastrointestinal disturbances and food allergies. I think these problems are coming from contaminated vaccines.”

Occasionally, an experienced school teacher comes to his office as a patient, and he asks if children have changed over the last several decades. They usually reply that children these days can’t sit still and learn as well as kids did years ago.

“If so many children are experiencing health problems, something we are doing throughout the country must be affecting the younger population,” Brownstein says. “It is my belief that an increase in childhood vaccinations is the culprit.”

Immunity Impugned

When he was growing up, the 56-year-old doctor says, children came down with chickenpox and measles, and when they recovered, they were immunized for life. Vaccines today are highly effective in preventing these diseases, but the immunity doesn’t last, and serious complications are more likely to occur in adults than in children. And serious side effects, including blindness, blood clots and seizures occur in a tiny minority of people.

Another problem is an increase in shingles caused by chickenpox vaccinations. But data on these occurrences “were hidden because the powers that be feared they would lead to fewer children being immunized against chickenpox.”

Many vaccines contain toxic ingredients, such as mercury and aluminum, and “It could be the toxic load of metals that is negatively affecting our children,” Brownstein says. Some formulations of the flu shot still contain these neurotoxins, and “there are many studies showing an association between autism and vaccination.”

The CDC’s vaccination schedule calls for 71 vaccines for children before age 18, and the agency claims studies have shown this schedule is safe. In fact, Brownstein says, proper studies have never been conducted.

“I believe,” he declares, “many of the vaccines in the childhood vaccination schedule” – he alludes to the MMR vaccine as an example – “are combined to enhance Big Pharma’s profits.”

Brownstein says further, “One very important study showed a 240 percent increase in autism among African American children who received the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine before 36 months of age.”

Bollinger insists that “independent investigations into the vaccine issue must be conducted by objective scientists outside of the CDC and the pharmaceutical industry … We can all agree that there’s nothing more important than the health and safety of our children.”

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