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Unhealthy Politics

Be wary of Health Sciences Institute, an outfit that promotes dietary supplements and dispenses alternative medical advice. I have no problem with the organization’s health activities or products it pushes. My quarrel is with its operators’ radical right-wing political positions, which it promulgates in tandem with the health messaging. Health Sciences sponsors Medix Select, a company based in West Palm Beach that sells dietary supplements, several of which I find salutary, though its customer service seems to be arthritic, i.e., unbending.

Hillary Clinton

My email box today contained a missive from Health Sciences again upbraiding something Hillary allegedly did in 1993. Since she’s no longer a player in the game of politics (at least for now), I lack enthusiasm for digging into her past, and didn’t click the link to the supposedly sordid revelation. But I caught a sentence at the bottom of the letter critical of opponents of President Trump. That inspired the following rejoinder:

President Trump

You people are so far beyond the pale politically that I can have no faith in anything you promote. I am no fan of Hillary Clinton, but your continual bashing of her borders on an obsession. The last straw for me was your letter derogating people with a brain – the ones who care about our country enough to fiercely oppose a president who has made it brilliantly transparent that he is 100 percent unqualified for that position in every respect.

His immoral, racist, sexist, cruel, juvenile, mentally unbalanced, pathological lying behavior aside, his zero government experience shows in his clueless, and extremely dangerous, manner of governing. He violates the U.S. Constitution in myriad ways, most notably involving the emoluments clause, and I think the FBI investigation into his and his cronies’ collusion with Russia to undermine Clinton in the election, together with his outrageously false accusation of a felony committed by President Obama, have put his impeachment on the horizon.


On a mostly unrelated note: The Senate hearing for confirmation of federal judge Neil Gorsuch for a seat on the Supreme Court is underway. The best question I can imagine posing to Gorsuch is: How do you feel about the Republican Senate’s refusal to grant a hearing for Merrick Garland, President Obama’s pick for the justice to replace the deceased Antonin Scalia, 14 months before Obama’s term expired?

I doubt the question will be asked.

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