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The Brownstein Factor

David Brownstein, M.D.

For years, my favorite doctor has been a man who lives a long way from my Florida home, though he’s located not so far from my birthplace. He’s in West Bloomfield, Mich., outside Detroit, across the state from where I was born: Muskegon, on beautiful Lake Michigan. If I still lived there, I might travel eastward to see him, because his takes on health issues are superior to any other physician I’ve encountered, personally or online.

He is David Brownstein, M.D. The reason for my faith in his medical opinions stems from the success I’ve had in following them. My only misgiving is that he is sponsored by Newsmax, the right-wing news organization headed by Christopher Ruddy, a seemingly affable person (he once offered me a job), but a personal friend and supporter of our disaster of a president, Donald Trump.

Christopher Ruddy, President Trump

The other day, I received an email alluding to an archival report by Brownstein on the connection between iodine deficiency and cancer. He and a colleague studied 5,000 patients and found that 96 percent were deficient in iodine – a contention no other doctor has made, as far as is known. He has long held that low iodine plays a role in breast cancer.

The Iodine Factor

In this report, he wrote, “The body requires iodine to metabolize both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. A substance called delta-iodolactone, which is produced in the thyroid gland and breast tissue, is a regulator of a process called cellular apoptosis (cell death). This means that delta-iodolactone ensures that the cells have a lifespan; at the end of that lifespan, the cells die.

“Contrast that with a cancer cell, which keeps multiplying until it causes the death of he organism. In fact, a cure for cancer might be found by discovering the mechanism by which delta-iodolactone induces cell death.

“Unfortunately, the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for iodine – about 150 mcg (micrograms) per day – will not cause delta-iodolactone to be formed in the thyroid gland. In fact, the thyroid requires iodine concentrations much higher to produce it. Researchers have found hat 100 times the RDA of iodine is required to produce delta-iodolactone. That equates to taking about 15 mg (milligrams) per day.”

Brownstein strongly suspects that iodine deficiency also is implicated in prostate cancer. Several years ago, I had my iodine level checked, and it was low. Since then, I have been taking iodine/iodide daily, beginning with 15 mg and increasing to 25 mg. (Lugotab, Hakala Research – in case you’re interested).

Putting a Crimp on Cramps

In his monthly newsletter a couple of years ago, Brownstein recommended increasing the daily intake of sea salt to treat leg cramps that plague some people when they’re in bed. I was having painful cramps most mornings. Almost immediately after I added salt to my diet, the cramps virtually ended, and have been almost nonexistent in the two or three years since I began the regimen.

Brownstein developed a supplement, Prostate Revive, to combat prostate enlargement. About three months passed before it took effect, but then my nocturnal urinal visits went from three or four per night to one, and on rare occasion, none. A few months ago, I did begin supplementing the supplement with a drug to maximize the effect.

The doctor also developed a probiotic, Bactipro. No probiotic I had tried worked well enough that I could tell the difference, but this one has proven quite effective.

Brownstein lectures physicians internationally about the myth propagated by conventional medicine in our country that cholesterol causes heart disease. He is in the same camp with a host of other alternative doctors and research scientists who have long tried to overcome this false dogma preached by the proponents of drugs. But it’s difficult, because the pharmaceutical companies provide financial support to the medical schools in the United States. Brownstein’s views on cholesterol and numerous other issues began changing a few years after he finished medical school and was practicing medicine.

Fooling With the Flu Vacccine

Cat Ebeling

He now insists that the drug makers have manipulated statistics attesting to the effectiveness of flu vaccines, and that they are practically worthless and are even potentially harmful because of the chemicals they contain.

Brownstein’s position on flu vaccines is echoed by Cat Ebeling, co-author of two bestsellers, The Fat Burning Kitchen, The Top 101 Foods That Fight Aging; and The Diabetes Fix. “It is cold and flu season, and it’s a doozy this year!” Ebeling wrote in an online piece the other day. “Lots and lots of people are suffering from this hellacious virus, and reports say the flu shot is only about 10 percent effective this year. In spite of having medical training (and maybe BECAUSE I have medical training), I am not a flu shot advocate. It is only marginally effective, and has a lot of toxic by-products in it as well, including the neurotoxin thimerosal.”

It would be nice if we could just trust our doctors implicitly. But too many of the supposed truths that the medical establishment perpetuates as inviolable have been found wanting. A plethora of highly credentialed physicians and researchers outside the medical establishment have courageously taken independent positions challenging the status quo. We ignore them at our peril.

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