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Supreme Stonewall

Chuck Schumer

Okay, the Republican health-care bill is dead. The big thing now is the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. I had assumed this was a done deal, and he would have no problem getting the votes. But Chuck Schumer, to his undying credit, says he’s opposing it all the way. It would take only eight Democratic senators to vote against confirmation, at which point Mitch McConnell, the Senate historian, would have to decide whether to change the rules so a simple majority would determine the outcome instead of 60 percent. He deplores altering the conventions of this august body, but will do it if it’s the only way to get Gorsuch approved.

Merrick Garland

Neil Gorsuch

Nonetheless, such a route would be another setback for the Republicans. This shouldn’t be an issue. Merrick Garland should be firmly ensconced as the newest court member, but the Republicans violated the Constitution’s requirement that a presidential appointee to a Supreme Court vacancy be given a hearing.

So what are the Democrats supposed to do now, roll over and let these cheaters get by with what they did? Huh-uh. The Dems need to fight back against these cretins, and make it as difficult as possible for them to succeed in their unfair machinations.

Gorsuch be gone

We who care about those on the lower rungs of society’s social and economic ladder need to get as many Democratic senators as possible to oppose the confirmation of this Colorado judge. Gorsuch has had a record of ruling in favor of privileged members of our society over the common man and woman, typical of those who posture as adherents to religious ideals but behave contrarily.

Mitch McConnell

Bill Nelson

What do we do? We need to contact our Democratic senators and pressure the hell out of them to vote against the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch as a Supreme Court justice. In Florida, that would be Bill Nelson, never known as a courageous champion of what is right. I think we need to barrage him with demands that he vote against Gorsuch. Make Mitchell McConnell, the man who went on cable TV the day after Barack Obama’s presidential election and said the Republican Party’s No. 1 priority would be making him a one-term president, squirm in his perch in the catbird seat. He failed at his attempt to defeat Obama, but succeeded in keeping Merrick Garland off the Supreme Court.

Garland redux

Let’s make it as absolutely difficult as possible for McConnell to get his own choice confirmed. In fact, I think we should demand that he reinstate Garland as the nominee. He’d refuse, of course, but it would shine a light on the Machiavellian way in which he denied the court seat to Garland. Maybe the electorate in Kentucky, where Obamacare has been a big success, would finally decide they’ve had enough of this power monger whose roots are implanted in obsolescence.

I hope reasonable people in all states with Democratic senators will push with all their might to persuade them to vote against the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court

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