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Sudden Reversal – Naturally

Hard upon a blog post concerning my new book, Blood on Their Hands, I’m putting that aside momentarily for something else that is – well, more concerning.

From left: Drs. Richard Ng, David Brownstein, Jeffrey Nusbaum

Can you guess what it is? What is the thing that is of greatest concern to most of us these days? The thing that is dominating, and compromising, our lives?

If you didn’t say Covid-19, the coronavirus, you get a big red F. And the concern is growing as the cases climb, the deaths rising concomitantly.

Is there any hope out there? What can we do to prevent this deadly disease from striking us? Or, if it does, what then? The hospitals and care providers are overwhelmed. Are we on our own?

To a large extent, the answer seems to be yes. So what do we do?

Aha! Here’s something that offers hope – a large dose of it. It’s a YouTube narrative (see how I managed to sneak in a literary term?) of a patient who was on his death bed, isolated in his bedroom, away from his wife, unable to even move. He didn’t go to an emergency room, figuring doctors could do nothing for him, anyway, and preferring to die at home.

Someone in his business knew a patient of Dr. Richard Ng, a partner in the Center for Holistic Medicine, headed by Dr. David Brownstein, in West Bloomfield, Mich., and put him in contact with the dying patient.

Dr. Ng (the closest pronunciation I can come to is uhng) got on the phone with the man, and told him to stop taking Tylenol and Ibuprofen. I recently heard a National Public Radio discussion on the controversy over whether these over-the-counter medications were beneficial or harmful against the coronavirus, and opinion was divided.

Ng then prescribed high doses of vitamins C, especially, and A and D. Someone brought the patient a nebulizer, and Ng instructed him how to administer low-dose hydrogen peroxide and Lugol’s iodine.

The result? Novelists never give away the ending, holding the reader in suspense. You’ll have to watch the video – and then decide how you feel about conventional medicine in America.

Here’s the video link:

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