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Open Letter to Red State Electors

Dear Elector,

President-Elect Donald Trump

Our country is on the verge of succumbing to a real threat to our democratic system of government. That threat is called Donald Trump. It should be apparent to everyone that this man’s ambition is to be a strongman, dictating his preferences on social, global and political issues. While he may not be a 2016 version of Adolph Hitler, there is a danger that he could be. We cannot let that possibility go unchallenged.

In countless instances, anyone who has criticized or differed with Trump has met a severe tongue lashing from him. As president, he would exert his powers to stifle a free press, without which democracy cannot exist. Left to his own devices, Trump would become a dictator, with “You’re fired” the least onerous of the harsh measures to ensue.

He is an imminent danger to our national security, showing with his interference in Taiwan a recklessness and lack of savvy about how to conduct himself on the international stage that is frightening.

Bye bye progress

As a former journalist of 35 years, I am all too aware that Mr. Trump would destroy much, if not all, of the progress in the social, economic and national security spheres that has occurred over the last eight years. His stances on climate change, the nuclear proliferation treaty with Iran, and healthcare for all are up in the air, and he is under strong pressure from his voters to push for his election campaign promises of reactionary measures that would set our country back many decades.

At least 97 percent of the world’s climate scientists advise that many areas of our planet will become inhabitable if warming over 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit occurs, and we are close to that. Is that the world you want to bequeath to your children and grandchildren? If that weren’t enough, dozens of corporations are urging, in the interests of economics and our nation’s security, that climate change be reined in.

Obamacare has defects, but it has reduced the rate of cost increases and enabled millions of otherwise uninsured people to have health-care insurance. This is not only humanitarian, but saves money for everyone by reducing hospital costs for admitting uninsured patients. Signups are increasing. We just have to tweak the system to get more competition from insurance companies.

As imperfect as our nuclear nonproliferation treaty with Iran might be, it is abundantly clear that canceling the treaty would give a red light to Iran to resurrect its program for developing a nuclear bomb, which it would use in attempts to blackmail Western nations into having its way on geopolitical issues. And Iran likely would sell its nuclear capabilities to rogue nations governed by religious extremists who would have no reservations about creating a nuclear holocaust to fulfill their apocalyptic ambitions.

Putting amateurs in charge

Jared Kushner

Trump plans to put his wholly inexperienced son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in charge of Mideastern policy, giving free rein to Israel to dominate the Palestinians, further infuriating Muslim extremists and incentivizing young people of the faith to join in spreading their nihilistic fervor throughout the world. This would put the entire western world in even graver danger than already exists. Trump’s white nationalist pick for his main adviser, Stephen Bannon, would further inflame Muslims, as well as other minorities, with catastrophic results.

Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions, Trump’s racist choice for attorney general, would undermine all of the progress our country has made in achieving equality for minorities. The vice president-elect, Mike Pence, would seek to impose his religious persuasion on everyone and give old white men jurisdiction over women’s bodies, causing unbridled dissension in the female, and much of the male, population.

Stephen Bannon

Vice President-Elect Mike Pence

Allan Lichtman

Trump’s vast business holdings all over the world cause an egregious conflict of interest. This issue will be a huge distraction from the business of governing as his presidency evolves. He is involved in what one MSNBC analyst described as “dozens of lawsuits,” and these will further complicate his efforts to lead the nation. He could become embroiled in court proceedings, which would elicit calls for impeachment. Indeed, Allan Licthman, a professor at American University in Washington, D.C., who virtually alone predicted Trump’s victory, now is saying the chances are strong that he will be impeached. David Brooks, syndicated New York Times columnist, predicted Trump “probably” would either resign or be impeached within a year.

Such a disruption would harm the United States and create much angst across the globe, with world leaders questioning our country’s leadership capabilities.

His economic policies would, the big majority of economists say, plunge the nation deeper into debt to the tune of $5.3 trillion. Hillary Clinton’s plan would add only $200 billion, 26 times less.

Hillary Clinton’s experience critical

Hillary Clinton

Clinton would govern with gravitas, bringing to the task unequaled experience and solid relationships with the world’s leaders. Yes, she has had serious ethical problems, and has admitted showing poor judgment with her emails.

But all of her faults pale in comparison to those that would drag down the presidency of Donald Trump. She is not a crook, as he and his supporters have charged, whereas Trump paid $25 million to the people he was accused of defrauding through Trump University. Droves of people have accused him of stiffing them in payments for services rendered. And a number of people charge him with failure to issue promised refunds for their membership in his golf country club in Jupiter, Florida.

Clinton the winner

Respected persons have suggested that the elections in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, all of which Hillary Clinton was given big odds to win, were rigged. Indications are that no rigging occurred. But recounts are happening. Even without them, Clinton won the popular vote by two-and-a-half million, and counting. That’s a sizable majority.

As an elector, you have an enormous responsibility to the people of the United States, and to the rest of the world, to see that a qualified person leads the country. In every respect, Donald Trump is unqualified. In most respects, Hillary Clinton is abundantly qualified.

The ball is in your park. More than half the country is counting on you to show the courage to do what’s right for our democracy.

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