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Ninety-nine Cents

Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, Ninety-nine bottles of beer. Take one down and pass it around, Ninety-eight bottles of beer on the wall.

Ninety-nine cents to buy a darned good book, Ninety-nine cents, and no more. Be thorough, and have a good look. Get it and over its pages you’ll pore.

That’s ’cause it’s loaded with suspense, action, intrigue and humor, all tempered with a tragic love story.

Blood On their Hands

We speak of Blood on Their Hands, a rip-snorting legal thriller that’s entertaining and conveys a message, to boot – two of them, in fact. The dual subjects are racism and redemption.

And for the rest of the month of May, the publisher, TouchPoint Press, is offering the Kindle edition for $.99. Here’s the link:

By the way, I’m the author. I realize I’m tooting my own horn, but all the good jazz trumpeters are hunkered down at home like the rest of us these days, so, in the great tradition of jazz, I improvised. Some of the song standards from the golden era of jazz, such as Stardust and Someone to Watch Over Me, began with a “verse,” or intro. You might say I mimicked that style with the old college folk song celebrating the libation of choice among such revelers as, say, Brett Kavanaugh (“I like beer.” Repeat 99 times …).

TouchPoint Press

But I digress. Blood on Their Hands is about a racist, miserly, alcoholic attorney who is pressured into defending a black man from a charge of resisting arrest with violence, when in fact the violence was committed by the two officers who stopped him for a trivial infraction and brutally beat him. The lawyer, Hiram Garbuncle, doesn’t have his heart in the case, and his laxness in the jury selection results in a mistrial. In preparing for a new trial, he discovers incriminating evidence against the two cops. From then on, he finds himself defending not only his client from injustice, but both himself and the client from assassination.

I hope you’ll read it, and if so, will write a review on Amazon. Reviews are critical to getting others to read it.

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