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“Hello young lovers, whoever you are …”

If those lyrics take you back to the 1951 stage musical The King and I, or even the 1956 film, you’re …

You’re probably assuming this is a Valentine’s message. Nope. Well … maybe. Let me get to the HEART (get it?) of the matter. It’s about love, but not the romantic kind. I’m talking about a love of books.

Last week, you had a chance to enter a contest and get my book MURDER IN PALM BEACH and a slew of others FREE for the asking, plus other goodies. Alas, the contest is over.

However, all is not lost. You can still get my book FREE. All you have to do is register on NetGalley,

There’s just one restriction: MURDER IN PALM BEACH is available here only in eBook form. Just click on this link, and you’re on you way to a love affair with a riveting book:

Happy Valentine’s Day, and my HEARTfelt thanks. (Oh puh-leez!)

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