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Inconsistent Fed Covid Policy

Dr. David Brownstein

As an author, I am a follower of another author: Dr. David Brownstein, who has an oeuvre of 11 books, seven of them national best sellers, including The Miracle of Natural Hormones, which I have but haven’t read yet.

Brownstein has long been a thorn in the side of government health regulators for his advocacy of natural therapies for a myriad of conditions. For example, he recommended intake of sea salt as a remedy for leg cramps, which I was having every morning in bed, forcing me to leap off the mattress onto my feet to quell the cramp. I bought a $3.75 container of sea salt from Costco, and the cramps virtually disappeared. He developed a probiotic, which works like a charm. I have referenced the doctor several times in blog posts, including a couple in the last few months, when he discussed his therapy for dealing with the COVID-19 infection.

For three months, Brownstein blogged about his experiences treating coronavirus patients. He was having total success using high doses of vitamins C, D and A, often injecting the C; nebulizing with hydrogen peroxide and Lugol’s iodine; and sometimes injecting ozone (the subject of his new book). On May 15, the blogging stopped with his announcement that the Federal Trade Commission had ordered him to desist from disseminating his treatment information through his blog and the social media, saying he hadn’t provided a study proving the efficacy and safety of his protocol. But, he said then, he’d be back – with Plan B.

Down but not out

A couple of days ago, he was back. He and his two partners had compiled the data from 107 patients they’d treated: no deaths, one person hospitalized, all fully recovered except for two experiencing “somewhat minor lingering symptoms.” The information was published in the journal Science, Public Health Policy and the Law. The website is: Today, he announced that he had to remove the study from his website, though he didn’t explain why. But he said it was in the public domain. He said lawyers were dealing with the matter, and he was moving on to Plan C.

Lew Rockwell

Another site carried the blog in which Brownstein, who practices near Detroit, had announced the success of his study, sans the details. That site,, is so far to the right politically that I felt impelled to write this in the comments section of Brownstein’s blog:

“Dr. Brownstein, I have long been an advocate of your findings and opinions on natural solutions to health issues, frequently blogging in favor of your work. However, I have always wondered about your political orientation, since you are sponsored by Newsmax, the right-wing news organization. Now, I am even more concerned … I found (the announcement of your study) on the website It takes little searching to discover that this is a radical right-wing platform … I regard as odious the federal government’s advocacy of mainstream medicine, which makes large political donations, while according short shrift to alternative medicine. But to be anti-government in general is an attitude that is harmful to our country, especially to the underprivileged among us.”

President Trump’s continual efforts to downplay the seriousness of the pandemic and refusal to mandate the wearing of masks and social distancing is outrageous. But, aside from my objection to Brownstein’s possible political affiliation, I find it equally abominable that our government would stifle news about a treatment protocol that has been found to rid patients of the virus, with no adverse side effects.

H2O2 kills COVID-19

Several days ago, I read a newspaper story about the precautions that hospital workers were taking. A nurse was quoted as saying that, at the end of her shift, she used hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the materials used in the care of patients. What? You mean that household oxidizing agent kills the virus?

How is it possible that none of the medical or health experts, anywhere in the country, have seized upon this agent as a treatment for the virus? Instead, the government forbids a highly credentialed doctor such as Brownstein, who has lectured to physicians internationally, from disseminating the information about it. They have rightly disparaged Trump for his suggestion that ingesting Lysol might work, but have ignored another agent whose effectiveness and safety is right under their noses.

University of Wisconsin campus

On April 28, Brownstein noted in a blog that no scientific study had been done showing that masks inhibited the spread of the virus. Yet the health experts are insisting they work and we must wear them. And the numbers do show that masks work; I hope Brownstein now supports wearing them. But these indications are anecdotal, not scientific, and if this unscientifically proven method is required for use by the population, why can’t a board-certified doctor spread the word about the effectiveness of H2O2?

In his blog around April 2, advising readers on how to treat themselves with vitamins, iodine and H2O2 if they didn’t have access to a holistic doctor, Brownstein praised doctors at three hospitals – at the University of Wisconsin, in Virginia, and in Houston – for their successes in using vitamin therapy similar to his. Instead of using H2O2, the Houston doctor was using hydrocortisone. The Los Angeles Times carried a long feature story on this doctor’s modus operandi. Apparently, if you’re a conventional doctor treating people in a hospital, in unconventional ways, the government stays away. But a holistic doctor working outside a hospital is fair game for the feds.

None of it makes sense.

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