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Graft, Money, Opportunism = GMOs

GMOs are safe?


Researcher shows GMOs dangerous

GM forces discredited the study. But after he presented his results to the European Parliament, manufacturers agreed to keep GMOs out of their European products.

More dangers revealed

The U.S. media paid little attention, and ignored other important findings: a Russian National Academy of Science study showing that a horde of rats fed GM soy died shortly after birth; the deaths of 10,000 sheep in India a few days after grazing on plants of cotton engineered to produce their own pesticide; a study showing genes inserted into GM food crops can transfer into the DNA of our gut bacteria.

FDA ignores own scientists

The FDA doesn’t require GMO safety testing. “Research” alleging safety of GM food crops is voluntarily provided by the producers. However, after a lawsuit forced disclosure of 44,000 company documents, most FDA scientists concurred that eating GM foods “might result in unpredictable and hard-to-detect allergens, toxins, new diseases and nutritional problems.” They urged long-term studies, but superiors ignored them and, according to one scientific organization, “their statements about possible negative effects of GMOs were progressively deleted from FDA policy statement drafts.” The major media mostly ignored evidence of these occurrences presented at a 1999 press conference.

U.S. supports Monsanto

GMO Foods are Bad

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