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Getting a Kick out of You


The way it works, I give a signed, paperback copy of my book to anybody who donates $20. I sign and ship the book personally to the donor. For those who prefer the Kindle version of the book, I will provide that as the reward for donating, though I of course cannot sign the ebook.

The book is closely based on the real, 1976 murder of a prominent Palm Beach citizen. In the thin guise of fiction, it reveals who the real murderer was — not the guy who spent 15 years in prison. That man’s sentence eventually was commuted, but his name never was cleared because the perpetrator wasn’t identified. The novel also discloses who was behind the murder — a very high-ranking national politician. But that is known only to an investigating newspaper reporter, who turned his information in to the Palm Beach County sheriff’s department in 1987. I learned who it was through the reporter’s chief source, whom I inadvertently came across a few years ago.

I am trying to get my book disseminated widely enough to force a reopening of the case. Through my Kickstarter project, along with considerable other marketing efforts, I hope to accomplish that.

Here’s the link to my Kickstarter project:

I’ve also sent out a press release about the project. Here’s the link to the press release: A shortened link is:

The first chapter of the book is posted with Kickstarter to give anybody who’s interested a sample of my writing.

Thanks for checking it out. Enjoy!

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