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Freeebook, i.e., Free ebook

You might have heard something on the grapevine about a book called MURDER IN PALM BEACH: The Homicide That Never Died making the rounds in Palm Beach County and beyond. At least I’m doing my utmost to see that you become aware of it, for good reason, or reasons. First, it has


If all that is not enough to persuade you to read it, maybe this is: On Friday (Sept. 9), it will be available for FREE. All day and night. There’s only one catch: You have to have a Kindle or Kindle-compatible device. What’s compatible? Beats me; this technology stuff drives me nuts. Actually, I think a Nook and an iPad will work, and maybe also one or two of those other electronic devices people carry around with their heads bent like laboratory scientists inspecting petri dish specimens.

Another impetus to download the novel is recent reviews. Here are a few excerpts: “… could easily rival John Grisham”; “… crime fiction may just have a new star”; “the greatest whodunit I’ve read in many years.” Did these affect me? Not really – except I had to spend $500 on widening my doorway so my head would fit through. I’m exaggerating: The cost was only $400.

What I’m talking about here is the Second Edition. It has a new cover that’s different from the First Edition, and I rearranged the order of the early chapters to make the characters easier to track.

Here’s the link to the Kindle version, free on Friday:

Yes, MURDER IN PALM BEACH certainly is available in paperback. And if your friend or relative reads it on his/her hand-held modern device, and recommends it, you might want to pick up a print copy. Buy it through my website, (signed copy),, or It’s also on the shelves of Classic Bookstore in Palm Beach. Twelve Barnes & Noble stores carried the First Edition.

If you’re financially strapped, you can borrow it from any of the libraries in the Palm Beach County system, and a number of independent city libraries.

Happy reading.

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