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Here in southeast Florida, it’s hot, folks. Now, I’m a little weird: I love it. No AC during the day, 79 degrees at night, with a helicopter above my bed churning up a windstorm. I go dancing with a sweater on, while the gals in sleeveless attire are fanning themselves like mad.

But I realize I am an anomaly. Lots of folks in these parts head for the beaches, where they plunge into the

Wish no more. I give you this: Give, as in FREE. Click on it, jot down your name and email address, and download MURDER IN PALM BEACH: The Homicide That Never Died, a novel about a sensational 1976 murder that reveals, in the thin guise of fiction, who the real killer of a prominent Palm Beach citizen was, and the person behind the deed (I’ll shut up now; don’t want to give the plot away). It’s as easy as pie. I’m not talking about Pi R Squared; that’s a little complicated. This is a no-brainer. And did I mention? It’s FREE.

A caveat: Don’t get so engrossed in this mystery that you forget to slather on more sun tan lotion. Oh yeah, and take your eReader — Kindle or Nook, or iPad, or whatever kind of e-device you have for downloading books.

Happy reading.

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