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Deadline Near

Well folks, the deadline is fast approaching for entering a contest to win a slew of thriller books, including mine, and possibly a free Kindle reader to boot. Tomorrow -- Tuesday, Oct. 11 -- is the last day of the contest.

Here's the link for the contest entry:

Two winners will get all of the books, and a third will get a Kindle Fire 7 Tablet, as well. Take a look, and notice my book at the bottom right:

Blood on Their Hands is included in another contest also underway, this one a Crime Thrillers & BookBub follower sweepstakes, which is set to expire Wednesday, Oct. 12, unless the organizers extend it. Here's the contest link:

This contest awards one winner 38 -- that wasn't a typo -- crime thriller books. That's enough to keep your spine tingling months after the thrill of Halloween is gone. The lucky person also will get a brand new eReader. Here are the books:

Give it a try. You have nothing to lose, and a lot of nail-biting reading to gain.

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