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Coronavirus: It’s your immune system, stupid!

A public service announcement from your friendly scribe.

Dr. David Brownstein

We’re all scared as heck about this diabolical coronavirus, and I thought you might want to know what my favorite doctor in the country, who has authored about 15 books, says we should do about it. He’s Dr. David Brownstein of West Bloomfield, Michigan. It’s an entertaining read, too.

Here’s the abbreviated link: https://tinyurl.com/sp4mopu

Here’s the full link: https://www.drbrownstein.com/coronavirus-vii:-we-are-ready-and-you-can-be-ready-too!-2/?inf_contact_key=f435cabbb3e4705c75917d628805995f842e902fbefb79ab9abae13bfcb46658

By the way, the publisher of my new novel, Blood on Their Hands, has sent me the cover design, and I think it looks great. It’s being tweaked a bit, and I’ll send it out in a couple of days or so.

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