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Book Signing

Lake Park Library

OMG, I have a book signing tomorrow – that’s Saturday, Jan. 23 – and haven’t even let anyone know about it. Yikes! It’s at the Lake Park Public Library at 11 a.m. I hope my car starts. The high is supposed to 63 degrees. Do car batteries turn over when it’s that cold? Come to think, my car started when it was 24 below zero in Milwaukee, Wis., many years ago. Uh-oh, I’m starting to shiver.

Oh, by the way, the library appearance is for my novel MURDER IN PALM BEACH: The Homicide That Never Died, by Pegasus Books of San Jose, Cal. It’s what one wit has described as “faction” – a fictional book based on fact. Excuse me? Yeah, I know, it sounds a little like a paradox. The French have another name for it: roman à clef. That’s a novel (roman) based on real events and/or persons/places (clef, pronounced clay. Go figure.) The book deals with a highly sensational murder in 1976 in the posh ocean-side town, and contains, in the guise of fiction, critical information never before revealed about the murderer and the ultra-important politician involved in the assassination.

Rain ‘n’ Rotary

This weather is gettin’ to me. Today, I had a luncheon author appearance with the Singer Island Rotary Club, and almost got blown away by the winds whipping off the Atlantic; forget about the rain coming down in sheets. Ah, but the comfort of the Sailfish Marina and the treatment the Rotarians gave me banished my weather woes. What a great bunch of guys and a couple of gals! Thoroughly enjoyed myself – and the fish over Caesar salad. Solid questions after my reading. Chatted with several interesting fellows.

Sooo … y’all come to the cabaret – uh, the library. Just like at the Delray Beach library last week, everybody gets a kiss. It’s called Hershey’s. The address is at 529 Park Ave. From Northlake Boulevard, take A1A southeast to Park, then go east a few blocks. From Blue Heron Boulevard, take Old Dixie Highway northwest to Park, then go east a few blocks. Phone: 561-881-3330.

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