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Book it. It’s FREE!

Friends and neighbors and lovers of literature (I use the term loosely), sometimes in the world of books there is a free lunch. If that’s what you’re lookin’ for, you have come to da right place. My novel MURDER IN PALM BEACH: The Homicide That Never Died (Pegasus Books, publisher) is about to go on fire sale. Actually, no, that’s not right: In a fire sale, you pay something. This is a free sale. Uh, nope, that’s not it either: Free sale is a paradox, or oxymoron, or … What I mean is, it doesn’t make sense. This book is just plain FREE, no strings or flames attached.

But you have to act fast. It’s FREE for only one day. Monday, Sept. 28. All 24 hours. The whole damned live-long day. After that it’s $3.99.

Oh … there’s one other stipulation. You have to have a Kindle. You know — that electronic gadget you somehow stuff a book into and, Presto! Words and pages pop up. I don’t have a clue how the thing works, because I don’t have one. But I assume you do if you’re a proud owner of this baby. If you’re not, you can get one from Amazon. (I want a kickback, Amazon!) On second thought, you wouldn’t get it in time to use for my FREE book.

Ah yes, the book. Let me tell ya all about it:

It’s a murder (bet you guessed that from the title) mystery based on a real live (The Homicide That Never Died) murder that happened in January 1976 right here in Palm Beach, that destitute (my tongue seems stuck in my cheek) little town on the other side of the tracks, I mean the waterway. So this guy is killed, and a prosecutor with visions of sugarpolitics dancing in his head gets a tough local dude sent to the slammer. Nobody knows for sure if he’s guilty, but here’s where the story gets serious (as if it wasn’t before): Yours truly learned that a former newspaper colleague found out some hair-raising information about the lowlife perp and, even more shocking, the important guy also involved in the deed. Did I say important? Hyperbole that ain’t. Read it and I’ll bet you a FREE copy of MURDER IN PALM BEACH you’ll agree. I’ll win, but you can keep the copy, anyway.

Here’s the link to get the Kindle book: Click on: Buy Now With 1-Click. Download the book, and have a shotgun blast. Oh … don’t worry about the Buy. Like I said, it’s FREE!

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