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Was that loud enough? Do I have your attention? Okay, here’s the deal: Tomorrow, Monday, January 4 of this blessed new year, my book will be available at no charge – in other words, free (did I mentioned that?). I’m talking about the Amazon Kindle edition, which all of you technophiles can download onto your various portable devices and read to your heart’s content. Just go to, and click on Kindle.


The book is a novel, MURDER IN PALM BEACH: The Homicide That Never Died, by Bob Brink (that would be me) and published by Pegasus Books. If you like mystery, suspense, intrigue and skullduggery, with a heart-breaking love story thrown in for good measure – oh, and some nasty, but not too graphic, violence and a spicy dose of sex — this baby’s for YOU!

What makes it most fascinating is that it’s based on a real murder that happened in 1976 in the posh ocean-side town. A prominent citizen is the victim, and a local bar brawler gets nailed by a politically ambitious prosecutor and sent to prison. There, the karate expert’s wife, who had just birthed a child, becomes ill with a usually fatal disease. Attorneys who think he’s innocent work tirelessly without fees for a new trial, while a newspaper reporter digs into various scenarios surrounding the murder to determine if the thug did it, and if not, who did.

Again, it’s there for the taking at

Happy reading – and happy New Year.

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