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Biden Her Time … Tic Toc

Since I’m an author, one would imagine my blog posts would be about reads, right? So this post is about a read — sort of. It’s about a Reade. Tara Reade, to be exact. Herewith:

Tara Reade

Here are the parts of her column that pushed me over the top:

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

“In 2019, Reade claimed that Biden had made her “uncomfortable” by touching her neck and shoulders 27 years ago. But in March of this year, Reade, a Bernie Sanders acolyte, suddenly changed her story to one of criminal sexual assault. Her Twitter feed revealed a highly suspicious motive. In response to Ryan Grim, who speculated that a matchup between Sanders and Biden would bring extra scrutiny to Biden, she tweeted “Yup. Timing … wait for it … tic toc.”

Rush Limbaugh

Glenn Beck

Whoa! I hadn’t been aware of that. Some of Sanders’ supporters have been irrational disciples, on the other side of the equation from Trump cult followers. Reade appears to be in that camp. She wanted extra scrutiny of Biden to hurt him. When did she make the assault claim? In March, as Biden’s star began to climb, and threaten Sanders’ candidacy. Biden needed to be brought down. “Timing … wait for it … tic toc.” Before that, her complaint was merely of touching.

Charen continues, “So many details of her account strain credulity. In her telling, the sexual assault took place after she had already filed a sexual harassment claim. So we are expected to credit that Biden, knowing this, still elected to push her up against a wall and reach into her underwear – in a public place. Biden has been rebuked for being too physically affectionate with women and men. But in his long career, he has never been accused of sexual misconduct of any kind. As with (Brett) Kavanaugh, this is critical evidence. Predators don’t pounce just once.”

Brett Kavanaugh

Christine Blasey Ford

What Charen didn’t mention was that Reade told conflicting stories about who in Biden’s Senate staff asked her to resign 27 years ago. If you’re being fired, you damn well are going to remember the person who fired you.

The gist of Charen’s column was a call to conservatives to treat Biden the same as they did Kavanaugh, when they insisted he was innocent of assaulting Christine Blasey Ford until more evidence would show otherwise. Here is the link to the entire column:

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