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Bernie Should Be Burned Up

Here’s the headline in the New York Daily News this week: “KING: Hillary Clinton should quit presidential race as email scandal engulfs her campaign.” King refers to Shaun King, a noted columnist.

Here’s the link to the column:

Shaun King

This is devastating. It appears that Hillary Clinton has been lying repeatedly over the past year about her use of her

Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders

I would wager that Sunday’s New York Times and maybe Washington Post will have big stories about this. If they don’t, the news media are outrageously derelict in their mission as democracy’s watchdog. I remember some 20 years ago reading the local paper one night, and seeing a brief by a noted political correspondent saying, “Bill and Hillary Clinton lie with such ease.” If the media give enough attention to this, the Democratic machinery will not be able to ignore it. At this point, it’s all up to the media.

Donald Trump

And Bernie Sanders. I think it’s time for Sanders to say something like: “Early in this campaign, I said I was tired of hearing about Hillary’s damned emails. That was before I had any inkling of how serious this situation was and how nefariously Hillary has conducted herself as both a secretary of state and a presidential candidate. Leading pundits who in the past have shown favoritism to Hillary declared last week on national television that Hillary Clinton has lied again and again and again about those emails, and done everything possible to deceive, to prevent the American public from knowing about the lengths her staff went to hide information about how she transgressed and endangered American security in her use of her private email account to conduct highly secretive business.”

I doubt that he’ll do it. But if he did make such a statement, it would get HUGE attention, and could turn Hillary’s campaign on its head.

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