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Bernie and Rachel Trumped

Donald Trump

I am going to do something I would never have dreamed of doing, to wit, defend Donald Trump and two other Republican candidates against Bernie Sanders and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

Jake Tapper

In the Republican presidential debate Wednesday night on CNN, moderator Jake Tapper raised the issue of the safety of vaccines. Trump said he thought it was dangerous to vaccinate children against diseases with large doses all at once, and cited the example of a healthy child who became autistic after being shot full of vaccines. He said, correctly, that the incidences of autism had gone skyward in recent decades, along with the increase in childhood vaccinations. Ben Carson, a doctor, opined that vaccines were perfectly safe, but hinted that too much of a vaccine and too many all together might not be wise. Joking “Do you want a second opinion?” Rand Paul directly sided with Trump.

Ben Carson

Trump trashed

Rand Paul

Thursday night, Maddow had Sanders on her show, and she criticized the three Republican candidates for questioning established science. Sanders agreed, and said something to the effect that their remarks were detrimental to the health of the population in discouraging vaccinations.

Bernie Sanders

I am a fan of Maddow, who is great at exposing the foibles of politicians, and of Sanders, who can’t be bought by wealthy, would-be contributors to his campaign and is beating the drum for solutions to critical issues facing the nation. On the vaccination issue, they were, in my strong opinion, dead wrong. They don’t know the facts, and were simply echoing the medical establishment’s adamant insistence that there is no correlation whatsoever between vaccinations and autism. Neither offered any basis for contending that Trump’s story about a child he knew who contracted autism after being pumped with vaccinations was false.

Rachel Maddow

Doctor disparages vaccines

Consider the evidence presented by Dr. Julian Whitaker, a much respected alternative physician with a huge practice in California, who is popular nationally:

“If you were born before World War II, the vaccinations you received as a child could easily be counted on one hand—a far cry from the 22 to 36 today’s children are required by law to receive before starting school. Nineteen of these government-mandated vaccinations are administered within the first six months of life, at a time when the immune and nervous systems are still developing.

“Are these vaccines safe? No one really knows. Adverse effects are only monitored for a few days after the vaccine is administered, enough time to track acute reactions but nowhere near adequate to determine whether vaccines contribute to diseases that take months or years to develop.

Dr. Julian Whitaker

“The fact is that while mass vaccination programs have virtually eradicated some childhood infectious diseases in the US, there has been a simultaneous increase in recent years in the numbers of children diagnosed with serious autoimmune disorders and autism (which many experts believe to be an autoimmune disease). Though these conditions probably have a genetic component, they are not likely to occur without some type of environmental insult. And what could be more insulting than having viral particles, along with mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, and other toxic elements, injected into the bloodstream of an infant?

Autism grows with vaccinations

“In recent years, the number of children with autism has skyrocketed and now affects 1 in 150 kids. This may be due, at least in part, to the growing numbers of vaccines children are exposed to. According to Bernard Rimland, founding director of the Autism Research Institute, sharp rises in autism in the US took place immediately following the introduction of the MMR vaccine in 1975, and in Great Britain following its introduction in 1988.

U.S. Rep. Dan Burton

“Congressman Dan Burton is the grandfather of an autistic child, Christian. Like a growing number of children diagnosed with autism, Christian was born healthy and seemed to be developing normally—until he received his vaccines. Christian was vaccinated for nine different diseases in one day. That night, he developed a fever and began screaming uncontrollably. Over the next 10 days, he began banging his head repeatedly, staring into space, and hitting himself. He lost his language skills. Christian had become autistic.

“The neurological damage inflicted on Christian may have been caused by unpredictable reactions among the nine different vaccines he received. It is known that the combination of measles, mumps, and rubella in one vaccine can result in the “interference” of the viruses with one another. It is also possible that Christian’s brain damage was caused by exposure to a massive dose of mercury. Until recently, mercury—a known neurotoxin—was used as a preservative in many of the vaccines given to infants and young children, including vaccines for hepatitis B, influenza, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, and Hib. In Burton’s estimation, his grandson may have received, in the space of a few hours, 41 times the safe upper limit of mercury.”

You haven’t heard any of this from the medical organizations in this country that represent mainstream medicine. Why?

It’s worth noting that an enormous amount of money is made from the manufacture and administration of these drugs.

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