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An Open Letter to Trumpers

A week ago, I sat down and churned out a letter, stream-of-consciousness fashion, for my friend from Indiana to send to backward acquaintances who have fallen under the spell of the fraud in the White House. He was not putting his name on it, he said, because they are gun-toting fools who have become so radicalized as to be dangerous. Sad to say, such people exist throughout our country.

Herewith, the letter:

President Trump

I implore you to use your head and get control of your emotions when you vote on whether to re-elect Donald Trump as president. Please ask yourself why you want him to be president for another four years. First, ask what he has accomplished.

A right-wing columnist who appears sometimes on Fox News, Liz Peek, had a column a few days ago praising Trump for what she said were his many accomplishments. She listed them, and almost all were about regulations or treaties he had gotten rid of. These regulations were for preventing corporations from cheating people to make more money for themselves. And they were for protecting our environment by preventing industries from polluting the air and water, and from causing catastrophic changes in the weather. A huge chunk just broke off from a melting glacier in the Arctic. The wildfires in California, Oregon and Colorado are caused by climate change. Trump, of course, says that’s not true, that it’s all a hoax. So the man who paid a friend to take the exams that got him into college knows more than the world’s scientists? Do you really believe that? If you’re using common sense, you know it’s not true. Ask yourself why those regulations were adopted in the first place. Do you think the people who were elected to public office were trying to harm you with them? If you think that, what reason do you have for that belief? It’s hard to build something, easy to tear it down.

Melting glacier

If you don’t believe in science, how do you think that vehicle you drive came about? How about the air conditioning in your home? Your refrigerator, stove? The computer? Your television, radio, telephone? The airplane? Buildings? Everything that makes our lives easier came about through science. And you want to believe the climate scientists don’t know what they’re talking about, just because the fool in the White House boasts that he knows everything? He knows nothing. He’s a terrible businessman who went bankrupt six times. His daddy bailed him out, or he’d be a homeless person.

Liz Peek

The columnist also listed Trump’s dealings with China as positive. But the tariffs he imposed greatly harmed our farmers, and caused the prices of things we buy from China to increase. How is this a good thing? He got all of our friends across the world mad at us. He pulled out of our nuclear treaty with Iran, which had stopped building nuclear weapons. Now, Iran has resumed work on those weapons. Do you know why he did these things? It’s because they were achievements of Obama, whom Trump hates because he knows Obama is far more intelligent and capable than he is. Even worse, Obama is black, and Trump has shown over and over that he is racist. Trump pulled out of the world climate change conference, leaving the rest of the world to keep the planet livable. Are you not concerned that your children and/or grandchildren will have to struggle just to survive if the climate change continues?

President Obama

The columnist also said Trump had created more jobs than Obama. Another lie. In the same time period, Obama created more jobs. And Trump inherited the strong economy from him, then greatly increased our national debt by giving huge tax breaks to corporations and wealthy people. When a reporter pointed out to him that future generations would be saddled with that debt, he replied, “Yeah, but I won’t be around.” Did you know that? Can’t you see that he cares only about himself, everybody else be damned? And you’re going to let him get by with that? Have you no pride?

Use common sense, and don’t be hypnotized by a man who is full of bluster, but has shown it’s all a big bluff. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. You’re letting a snake oil salesman sell you a bunch of malarkey. Ask yourself why. Is it because he wants to suppress blacks and people from what he calls “shithole countries”? You need to accept that, in God’s eyes, everyone is equal; whites are not superior. You know that the people keeping track of Trump’s lies have recorded more than 20,000 in the 3 ½ years he’s been in office. Why would you worship such a person? He has made fools out of you. Aren’t you embarrassed? Have you no shame?

John McCain

Are you okay with his insults to our servicemen who died or were captured fighting for the United States? He called them “losers” and “suckers.” You are choosing to believe he never did that. But I’ll bet you watch Fox News. Well, Fox and CNN and The Associated Press all confirmed that he made those remarks. If you choose to think they lied, why don’t we just get rid of the news media, because they’re all giving us false information? Do you know what Thomas Jefferson said? “If I had to choose between having government or a free press, I’d choose a free press.” That’s how important it is to keeping public officials from committing nefarious acts and making us all slaves. If he remains president, the first thing he will do is end freedom of the press. That is what dictators do, so they can’t be held accountable by the people. Greatly respected journalists who built impeccable reputations for honesty, intelligence and skilled reporting will be silenced. They are not exaggerating when they predict that our democracy will be over if Trump is re-elected. Are you deaf and blind to the enormous danger we’re facing? Are you going to vote to allow this to happen?

It stands to reason that Trump did make those despicable remarks about people who serve in the military, because he had already insulted war hero John McCain, and had his daddy pay a doctor to say he had bone spurs so he wouldn’t have to serve. Do you consider yourself patriotic? Obviously, Trump is totally unpatriotic. And he’s the commander-in-chief. He said on international TV that he believed Putin instead of our intelligence services when the Russian leader denied interfering in our election. That’s treasonous. And you support that? Don’t you realize that you’ve taken leave of your senses? You’re like the followers of James Jones, who had hypnotized them. They needed someone who would make all of their decisions for them, so they wouldn’t have to be strong and honorable. And he led them to their deaths.

Colin Powell

Have you not wondered why so many leading Republicans in government and elsewhere have turned on Trump? This kind of thing has never happened in our country before. The generals have said, mostly privately, that he is terribly dangerous for our country. A few, like Colin Powell, have spoken out. Why would they say that? These are conservative types. They know that Trump is totally corrupt, and the only reason he wanted to be president was to make himself richer and more powerful, and gain attention. And the 100% corrupt Attorney General Bill Barr is enabling him, as are the Republicans in Congress. They are all antipatriots, and they are all lawless. The patriots and believers in abiding by the law have all left.

Trump worships dictators. He said he had a love affair with Kim Jong-un, the ruthless killer who leads North Korea. He’s made it clear that he wants to be such an authoritarian, so he doesn’t have to obey a Constitution or anyone. He could do anything he wanted to. Are you so empty-headed that you will let him destroy the democracy we’ve had since the country was founded?

Bob Woodward

Doesn’t it appall you that he privately told journalist Bob Woodward – on tape, where it can’t be denied – that the coronavirus was awfully dangerous, but then publicly told the nation that it was wasn’t serious and would miraculously go away? He said wearing masks wasn’t necessary, so his followers haven’t worn them, even though all of the medical experts and scientists tell us over and over that wearing masks and social distancing are necessary to defeat the virus. The statistics show they are right. But of course, Trump didn’t want the virus to be taken seriously, figuring that would harm his re-election chances. He even said so, telling health officials to stop testing for the virus because that would turn up more cases who need medical attention and hurt him in the election. What more do you need? He told you that he doesn’t care about your life. He only cares about staying in the White House. As I write this, Trump is saying that the man who heads the Centers for Disease Control is wrong about the great importance of wearing masks. My gosh, the guy is going to get us all killed!

Please, please pull yourselves together and show some self-respect. Don’t be putty in the hands of a fool who cares not one iota about you. He only wants to use you, and will rule over you and the rest of the country if you let him. Be proud, use common sense, think for yourselves, and don’t let that happen.

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