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A Head Start on Spring

Spring is about to, well, spring. I don’t know about you, but I’m doing cartwheels – and, for good measure, handsprings.

Not really. Used to do those as a kid, but haven’t done any in *#%@&! years. Actually, I just started doing headstands again after, uh, *#%@&! years. I read that the blood flowing into your brain lubricates the wheels, and I need smooth-running thought processes for writing books, especially at *#%@&! years.

But I digress. Now is the time to get stocked up for some great spring-summer reading. I happen to have just the thing for you – a good chance to win a slew of books ideal for the hammock or the beach. It’s a simple contest in which more than 20 exciting novels in the crime, thriller and suspense genres will be given away. Here’s the link:

It just so happens that my book is one of them. It’s the one with the black, red and white cover, titled MURDER IN PALM BEACH: The Homicide That Never Died.

The grand prize is a gift basket of all of the eBooks. Call it your Easter basket. And not just one, but TWO of the bulging baskets. Boom! Your chance of winning just jumped 50 percent.

Yeah, yeah, you say, I never win contests. Stop right there! Even if you don’t win the big kahuna, there’s an excellent chance you will end up on top. That’s because more than 20 people will win an individual eBook.

Wait (as they say in the TV ads), there’s more! Several paperbacks also will be given away. And if all that doesn’t get your blood stirring like you just did a headstand, here’s the finale: Every contestant gets access to some additional free and 99-cent eBooks.

Alex Trebek

So, as Alex Trebek intones for Colonial Penn, “What are you waiting for?” It’s not a bit complicated to enter. All you do is click on this link – – and voila, a page showing the books and the entry form pops up.

Go for it! You have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain.

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