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A Bloody Good Book

But the Kindle version is already up on Amazon. Here’s the link, in abbreviated form:

Novel due for release May 4

Check out this cover, on the right. I love it. Books by the publisher, TouchPoint Press, have won numerous awards for both cover design and literary excellence.

The rollout has taken a lot longer than I expected. An editor with TouchPoint left the firm with a pile of unedited books, and a new editor had to be hired. My book was No. 6 on her list. But the editing is complete, and TouchPoint is getting the word out.

Blood on Their Hands is a legal thriller with multiple themes, central of which is the harsh reality of racism in our judicial system and society in general. Police brutality takes center stage in the story, which borrows themes from two of my favorite movies: Gran Torino, starring Clint Eastwood (whose film savvy I like and politics I detest), and My Cousin Vinnie, my all-time favorite comedy, with a priceless performance by Joe Pesci.

Along with the theme of racism, the human potential for redemption plays a huge role. Weaved into the intricate plot, which is loaded with intrigue and suspense, is a generous portion of comedy and a heart-rending love story, both providing winsome relief from the unremitting suspense.

So how about a sneak preview? Let’ see (scrolling through the manuscript) … Ah, here’s a snippet with some suspense:

Darkness had turned the muggy early-autumn air balmy, a gentle breeze carrying its dampness toward the ocean, like a restaurant waiter gliding into the kitchen with plates of food scraps. As Hitchens approached the clearing, light from the trailer glowed ever brighter, just as a setting sun’s fading luminescence is sharper toward the horizon. He fought to suppress a growing apprehension, but his pulse quickened as his gait slowed.

“Halt!” The baritone bark came from his left, out of the woods. Shocked with fear, he whirled to face the voice.

And a little courtroom comedy:

“Did you also write that, while you were on the ground, you tripped Mister Monceau and hit him with your billy club, and he fell, and you and your partner put handcuffs on him?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Sir? I’m not a sir, sir. I’m just a dumb-ass lawyer who got roped into—who’s doing his job defending this col… this gentleman.”

“Counselor,” the judge barked, “I must warn you that you are not permitted to use such inappropriate language in this courtroom. You are making a mockery of its dignity, and that will not be tolerated. Do you understand?”

Here’s one with a reflective tone:

“This whole thing makes me think of the quagmire we got into in Vietnam … The South Vietnamese leadership was corrupt, but we supported them because we were afraid of the domino effect if South Vietnam fell into Communist hands. We figured Laos and Cambodia would be the next to topple.”

“I remember it well,” said Seward. “I was one of those hippies protesting the war.” His wistful look metamorphosed into one of sadness. “I had ideals then.”

If these excerpts have piqued your interest, and you would be willing to write a review on Amazon, please let me know, and I’ll see that you get an advance digital copy of the book. My email address is:

Hunker down in your home, away from the Covid-19 contagion permeating the planet, and read to your heart’s content.

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