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A Bevy of Books

Ladies and gentlemen, the books are flying off the shelves this week.

We’re talking about the kind that have you hunkered down and flipping the pages. And they’re brought to you courtesy of two contests.

The first is the lottery of books! Three things make it better than the money lottery: 1) You have an infinitely better chance of winning; 2) it's free, so you don't pay anything to enter; and 3) money is here today and gone tomorrow, while literature has lasting value that you can't put a price on. And you might just win an eReader, as well.

So give it a try. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Here’s the link to enter the contest:

What's more, this treasure trove includes my latest book, Blood on Their Hands, of which a Ph.D. in the classics wrote: "The book's tension builds, the characters are colorful and absorbing, and I strongly recommend this book as an addition to the great tradition of Florida thrillers."

As a fan of books in the category of Mystery, Thriller and Action, you might also be interested in this contest, which gives you an even better chance of winning a free assortment of such titles, plus a brand new eReader.

The simple contest sign-up form is included with a view of the books to be given away.

Big surprise: This contest, too, includes my book Blood on Their Hands.

In this second contest, not two, but three contestants will win all of the books in the giveaway, and one will also win a Kindle Fire Tablet 7.

Throw your hat into the ring. Or rings. Who knows? You could be a double-winner.

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