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A racist, miserly, alcoholic attorney defends a black man brutally beaten by police in this novel of redemption, laced with suspense and leavened by abundant humor.

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Engaging Crime Thriller and Exploration of Human Nature

~Mark Spivak, author, The American Crusade

Blood on Their Hands is a thriller that explores some serious issues…. 

~Robert O. McGraw, Literature Educator

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Blood on Their Hands
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Murder in the posh town of Palm Beach is the rarest of occasions. The one that happened in January 1976 stands out for several reasons.

The victim is shotgunned at 10:15 p.m. through a window of the home where he lived with his wife and their six children. He’d been having an affair...

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Breaking Out

Breaking Out explores a family’s dynamics and history, revealing the forces that shape an innocent child and make a train wreck of his crossing from adolescence into adulthood.

As a child growing up in various cities and towns, Britt Rutgers exhibits both acute sensitivity and an insatiable ebullience that expresses itself in rebelliousness against his restrictive parents.

But something profoundly important is missing deep inside.

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Murder in Palm Beach
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