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Bob Brink is a journalist who worked with the Palm Beach Post, The Associated Press in Chicago, Milwaukee Journal, Tampa Tribune, Palm Beach Media Group (magazines), and others. His byline has been on thousands of newspaper and magazine stories, and he was the recipient of numerous accolades and awards. He authored the traditionally published novels Blood on Their Hands, a legal thriller, and Murder in Palm Beach, a mystery based on a real assassination. Other books are the coming-of-age novel Breaking Out, a compilation titled The Way It Was: Short Stories and Tall Tales, and the ghost-written memoir A Tale of Two Continents. A Texas filmmaker is hoping to produce a film based on his recently completed work of creative nonfiction, Little Rag Doll: The Story of Wanda. A jazz devotee, Brink learned to play the clarinet and tenor saxophone as an adult, and performed many years in a community symphonic band. He lives in Boynton Beach.

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